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What is co-working?

In The Chook House, we have a culture of sharing and collaboration that has its roots in a concept called co-working.

“Co-working” is a relatively new term which has been developed over the past 10 to 15 years as the advances of internet technology have made us a more mobile, flexible and connected society. We are able to work from home, from a cafe, on the road, and have increasing options to start and grow businesses from anywhere in the country, or the world. We are not constrained to the city centres which house large employers and professional firms, but are able to take up our profession in small towns and rural areas – even if our staff, colleagues or clients are in another town, city or country.
However, what comes with this flexibility and mobility is an isolation from the powerful personal relationships that drive the learning, motivation and creativity of working in a team environment.

Co-working in the city
With large numbers of free-lancers, consultants, contractors and entrepreneurs in our bigger cities, co-working spaces can be called incubators, hubs, hot-desks, or shared workspaces. With a larger population, they usually have a small number of permanent businesses sharing facilities, and are surrounded by a large number of transient, casual workers. These people are making new networks, finding work, sharing resources and often creating ad-hoc groups to work on projects or new business ideas. They are a creative hub which remove the isolation of being self-employed or a mobile employee, and create a stimulating, innovative and forward thinking community.

Co-working in small towns

In small towns, we still have many independent and creative businesses, professionals and free-lancers like in the cities, but we also face different challenges.

  • Our access to high speed, affordable broad band is limited outside of the urban areas.
  • Access to other growing, fast-moving, and technological industries are limited.
  • Larger economic development agencies which offer support to small business are based in larger towns, and are not always known about, or easily accessible in our small towns.
  • We have a large number of working mothers to supplement our family incomes – and many of these work from home in their own business, or as a mobile employee.
  • With a smaller population, it sometimes difficult to make connections with other like-minded business people.

So co-working gives us a simple, flexible and cost-effective way to support the passion of our local people in their business and professional lives. We can share, collaborate and problem-solve together to give us the benefits of a larger business or population, but still maintain our rural lifestyle and our own business independence.

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Office Spaces

The Chook House is set up with flexibility in mind.

Two large shared spaces with three workstations in each one – 20140111_100010sharing an office is cost-effective, and gives the motivation of others working around you!

Two private offices, with the possibility of up to 3 employees in each one – for growing businesses, those that need a bit more space or privacy, or can also be a convenient way to expand your business in the area.

All users of The Chook House have the following facilities and services included:

    • Unlimited, VDSL high-speed Wi-Fi internet


    • A small kitchenette with tea and coffee supplies included


    • 24-hr personal access


    • 24-hr security monitoring


    • Basic office furniturefront office


    • Heating and electricity


    • Full bathroom facilities including shower


    • Use of the meeting rooms (bookings required)


    • Promotional opportunities (including but not limited to building signage, Facebook and website promotion)

Using a workstation in our shared offices starts from only $25 for a 6-hour day (designed with working-mums in mind!), and becomes more cost-effective by the hour the longer you are committed to spending in the House.
Individual offices are available on 6 month terms. Please inquire for pricing.

Meeting Rooms

We want you, your staff, clients and suppliers to feel at-home whenever they are in The Chook House.
Our two meeting rooms are hosted with a generous helping of rural hospitality, and we are flexible in our approach to setting them up for different numbers of people, and for different purposes.

One small meeting room, with relaxed seating for up to 4 people. Private, functional but welcoming.20140111_09574320140111_095759

One larger reception/meeting room, with relaxed or formal seating for up to 15 people. Large, flexible and comfortable.

chook house relaxing space2014-08-15 10.15.40

We have been proud to host local businesses and groups such as Horizon Farming, PaperPlus, NZGrazing, Farmlands and Dairy NZ, as well as product launches, training sessions, mentoring and tertiary study groups.

Priced from only $25 for 2-hours in the small meeting room.

The Chook House has become the pivotal point for my business. It has provided a conveniently positioned meeting place for clients, a source of inspiration for ideas from the other tenants and several leads for my business.

Rochelle Alder
Rochelle AlderManaging Director - Devol

“Everyone thrives here; I feel as if we are a little team, even though we all have different ventures.I can focus on my work and don’t need to work at night”

Mel Croad
Mel Croad

“I attended the first of the Choose-Day Series last week on time structuring and wow- did it work for me! HUGE improvements in my time management already!. Alex set up a fantastic forum and it was terrific to bounce ideas around with like-minded ladies in similar parenting/working situations. Utterly refreshing and thoroughly inspiring. Highly recommend to all & looking forward to more. Oh..and loads of fun! Thank you!” (via Facebook)

Kate CullwickBold Lampshades

“Thank you for a great talk on facebook ideas Alex. Nice idea to get all local businesses together and have a chat! Look forward to the next one!!” (via Facebook)

Gemma KeenanGem’s Beauty