Making a difference for small business

In Central Hawke’s Bay we are lucky to be living the lifestyle dream. However, as we don’t have many large employers, a growing number of talented and passionate people are making their own opportunities by either working remotely for a business, or starting their own income source.

As rural people, we have an approach to innovation which is cemented in our “No.8 wire” pioneering history. Coupled with the roller-coaster of economic fortunes over the past few years, the ability to be in charge of our own financial destiny has been a tempting one.

However, the passion of one person can easily be stifled by the conservative nature of our rural community, and our “can-do” rural attitude and access to technology can also set us up to be isolated in our work – we think we can do everything ourselves.

A year ago, this isolated approach to doing business was challenged by the opening of The Chook House – a co-working space dedicated to providing a professional and productive atmosphere for local people to work, network, learn and be inspired in business together.

Central Hawke’s Bay people have grown accustomed to seeing the “Chook” brand – from the New World carpark, on Facebook and in local media. However, what happens in The Chook House building on Northumberland Street has been a bit of a mystery for many!

With the launch of a New Year, a new website, and new opportunities for your business, The Chook House will be profiling the work they have been doing, and the difference they are making to local people and their businesses.  Check out “Chook Business” on Facebook and the website and see if they could be making a difference for your business.