Passion and People stimulate local economies

ernesto sirolli waipukuraernesto sirolli chook house waipukurau


A recent visit from international business guru, Dr Ernesto Sirolli, tipped our local perspective of economic development upside down. As our local and central governments focus on delivering “top down” development through implementation of infrastructure (like the RWSS), Ernesto inspired us to look at it from the “bottom up”.

“The future of every community lies in capturing the passion, energy and imagination of its own people” is one of his mantra’s. His work in rural regions around the world has supported the development of neaernesto sirolli and alex walker Nov2014rly 40,000 businesses – all derived from a person passionate about their craft and surrounded by a group of supporters with complementary skills – a group that Ernesto calls the “Trinity of Management”.

By investing time and support in these passionate entrepreneurs, their businesses are, at worst, going to provide a sustainable living for a family, and, at best, may become large employers that help support a wider community. Usually these businesses have their basis in a local product or resource, or harness a special skill or craft, and their profits are kept and spent in a local community. Their businesses then also provide the guidance for government bodies on what sort of infrastructure is required.

To learn more about Ernesto Sirolli’s work, Enterprise Facilitation and the Trinity of Management visit his website here.