Service with (more than) a Smile!

If only delivering great service was always as easy as just a smile! Yes, the smile is important, but there are ways that “service” can (and should be) woven into all aspects of your business. It is this process that makes it easier for your customers to do business with you (thanks to for the awesome pic!)!Chook House Choose Day Easier to buy

The conversation at Chook House Choose Day last week was interesting – what is about a level of service that makes it “good”, and consequently how does that match up to expectations of the customer? And how do we know what the expectations of our customers are? ‘Cos every one of them is different!

There is one thing that you can guarantee about a business that goes above and beyond when it comes to service – they understand their customers and what motivates them; they understand what it is about their product/service which offers the most value; AND they understand what their competitors are doing!

So how do you do that for your business?

Think about some of the local businesses that you think get it right.

Does it matter if your daily coffee is more expensive when the cafe you choose remembers your name, how you have your coffee and then delivers it in less than a minute? How do you feel when a local retailer says “YES” they will get something in specially for you and then delivers it the very next day? How great is it when a supermarket employee comes and takes your empty trolley to save you walking it back across the carpark?

Think about what each of these businesses must understand about their customers, products/services and competitors to be doing these things…And are they consequently creating loyal customers?

Do you know these things about your business and how you can make loyal customers? How do you know? And what are you doing about it?