The Advertising Argument

Last week I went to a presentation from a local advertiser about their new offers for promoting businesses. They had some nice options, and some compelling reasons to use their services – lots of numbers, customers profiles and package options designed to make me feel confident and make a decision easy.

BUT – How do I really know that they are the right option for promoting my business?

We are very lucky in Central Hawke’s Bay that we still have a free community newspaper AND a locally owned and operated radio station – most small rural communities don’t have both of these things anymore (and some have none). This means that we have a direct line of communication with most of the 10,000-ish buying public in our region.

BUT – just because they are THERE does not mean they are the best option for MY business.

Don’t get me wrong – they are an important tool for many local businesses, and I use both – but I have heard some horror stories about some small businesses over-spending on their advertising, and/or not getting the results they expected. And it also makes me wonder how many are spending without actually knowing if it is WORKING….And whether there are those that are not spendin---Doing-business-without-advertising-isg ENOUGH to make their efforts worthwhile…

The real answer to whether a certain type of advertising is right for your business depends on what you want to achieve.

If you don’t spend the time looking at your business from the outside, understanding what is driving its success (or not!), and getting SPECIFIC with some decisions, plans and goals, then you could be wasting even MORE THAN the HALF of your advertising money that John Wannamaker (the father of modern advertising lingo) talks about!

(By the way – if you are interested in how to do this for your business I am very close to launching a new programme which will help you get your head around what this marketing stuff means in a small town and make some better decisions about what marketing to do for your business. A 5-week programme (2 hours a week), limited numbers, based at The Chook House in Waipukurau – designed to give you simple tools, goals and strategies to get the best bang for your marketing buck. Special launch price based on the monthly price of the advertising I saw last week so that you can make sure that when you do book your advertising it is going to be useful! Email me at if you are interested in being part of it!)

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