The countdown is on…

The countdown is on to the kids heading back to school. The holiday time is over though jandals may still be acceptable work-attire on the odd day here and there! Some of us have been struggling to work on our businesses while trying to occupy the kids, but there is no excuses left – the time to focus on our work is here.

My monkeys are heading back to school on Monday (much to their relief and mine as well!) but I know that all too soon, they will be on holiday again….

So, I have taken some inspiration from a website called The Business Bakery in my planning for this year.  Some tips that I have learned from their programme that I thought I would share …

  • Have a goal for the year – what you want your business to look like, feel like or be – and how much money you need to make. This sounds scary but its crucial!
  • Have a short-term goal to focus on – mine is a 100-day goal which I am already 25 days into, and happily coincides with the beginning of the next school holidays!
  • Focus on ACTION not just MOTION! We all get stuck in the perpetual “busy-ness” which seems to be the hot fashion at the moment – but what are we busy doing? And is it important? Will it help us achieve our goal?
  • Make ACTION easy – write yourself a list of all the ACTIONS you need to take to get to your goal so that if you are at a loose-end and need to re-focus yourself, you can just pick something from the list. And it doesn’t matter how small the action is, at least it will start you back on the path to progress.

I now have a goal stuck up on the wall of my office – to be achieved in the first 100 days of the year – and with it a list of ACTIONS which will help me get to that goal. If I can complete 3 actions every day, no matter how small they are, I will be making progress! Proof in the pudding – I am 25 days into my 100-day goal, and I have achieved 50% of my goal!

The hope is that when we hit April 3rd (the beginning of the next school holidays – and it’s only 9 weeks away!) we can feel that we have achieved something great for our businesses, and can enjoy some time off with our monkeys!

You can sign up to get a complete guide to creating a plan for 2015 with The Business Bakery at this link here. I highly recommend it as a place to kick start your year! Also make sure you check out some of their other fab tips and information while you’re on their site!

The countdown is on…