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The multi-taskers curse

There’s no reason to hide from the fact that I cram a whole lot of things into my life. Some days I wonder how I hold it together – sometimes its good luck, sometimes its good management, but I like to think that most of time it is that I make CHOICES based on what’s important and then see it through. And the balance of those priorities and choices can change.

It’s when we don’t consciously DECIDE on how to spend our time that we either end up procrastinating or burning out. We can’t be scared to make decisions. For me, this looks like

  1. Be clear on what’s IMPORTANT to you
  2. DELEGATE the things that aren’t important to you
  3. Make sure you leave time to do things that are for YOU

There is this fallacy (and yes I believe that its a fallacy!) that multi-taskers achieve more, and more efficiently than those who aren’t – let’s not make this a male vs female conversation but I think you get my drift!

It’s all about knowing what’s important – and then making choices. And if you are clear on what’s important, it’s very easy to quickly make decisions on how to spend your time.

When we are on a journey with a business, particularly a new business that it is very reliant on YOU, it is very easy to get isolated, to get stuck with what to do next and then to very quickly end up at the end of a year and you haven’t achieved what you wanted, or what is necessary for your business to survive and grow.

Some people are able to prioritise, decide and act quickly and without much apparent thought or planning – obviously some personalities are naturals! But for most of us, including me, this is LEARNED behaviour. There are tools, tips and tricks to learn this, to keep motivated, and to actually do and ACHIEVE things that make us proud!

The first, and absolutely the most important part of the formula, is being clear on what’s important to you and what’s important for your business. This is also the bit that trips up the most people! There is a level of honesty with yourself, and with the people around you, that will put your most important goals up on the wall, will keep you motivated, will help others help you, and will keep you accountable!

So the challenge is, in 2018, what are the most important things for you to achieve – and how do you GET CRACKING to make them happen??

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