You’ve gotta WANT it, KNOW it and DO it!

I love seeing people passionate about their business or profession so my time spent with my sister in Melbourne turned into an interesting one…..

She is a TV producer/production manager for an independent TV production company. On the day that I arrived, she got called up for an urgent job for shooting a TV commercial with a 2-week turn-a-round (unheard of in the industry but this is what this small, fleet-footed company does really well). What this meant was that for 6 days I was by my sisters side as she continually phoned, talked, schmoozed, emailed, drove backwards and forwards across the city, talked some more, texted and sometimes put her phone on silent (but I think at 9:30 on a Sunday morning she can be forgiven for that one!).

Her job is to bring together over 50 independent, free-lance people covering jobs from acting, rock-climbing (don’t ask!), casting, assistants, drivers, camera operators, directors, location scouts, the producer (with whom the buck stops!),  local council staff (for permits), drone operators…..and so many more that I have no idea about!

What interested me the most in this operation was the intensity, speed and professionalism of the whole thing – none of these people are employees of the production company (my sister included), so there is no “requirement” that anyone does this job, there are no set hours, and it is highly competitive based on availability, reputation, and ability to work together.

All of these people really WANT the work and they will do anything to get it and make it happen.

All of these people KNOW what they are doing, are specialists in their field of expertise and are continually learning and adapting to new technologies and requirements.

All of these people just get on and DO it – without question (for the most part!), quickly and efficiently, to the best of their ability, and without trying to interfere into other people’s jobs.

Theses people are very driven – from a personal perspective – but also have the art of collaboration sorted. No one person can do it all and ultimately they must all buy-in to the vision required to create the product that the client wants.

This has got me thinking – about the bringing together of a group of specialist professionals to work intensely on a project for short periods to create a specialist, high value product. What could we produce in our small towns, from our highly educated and experienced people in this manner? Think about it…..